Our website is designed to provide the information you need to determine that Bit Wiser Training can meet your training analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation needs by:

  • Providing information about who Bit Wiser Training is.
  • Listing the various training-related services that are provided by Bit Wiser Training.
  • Providing example content to demonstrate our proficiency in the many software applications used in today's training industry.

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Bit Wiser Training designs, develops and delivers training programs for the IT (Information Technology) industry.

Courses include subjects ranging from vendor-specific products and services to technology standards such as OpenStack cloud computing.

Our training courses are designed to enable a student to learn at their own rate, using real world scenarios, with the learning method that best accommodates their learning style.

We invite you to peruse our website to get a feel of how we feel training should be delivered. You will find several training project examples as well as some editorial comment on how we believe the various types of training methods can be best combined for optimal benefit to the trainee.